Bespoke illustrations and user-centred design

Create a brand identity that's personal, specific and tells your story.

Illustrations for your business.

Illustrations paint 1000 words and say so much more than photographs, particularly if your message is complex and sensitive. Illustrations create an instant connection with your audience.

Hi, I’m Sandra Staufer illustrator and visual storyteller.

After a long career in user-centred design, I realised that even very simple drawings have the power to tell the most complicated story in an engagingly accessible way.

Your story is important. I help you tell it with creativity, colour, empathy and a pinch of humour to help conversion.

Let me help you stand out - with bespoke illustration and user-focused design. My ambition for the outcome: "This feels different, personal."
Powerpoint-Presentations with a difference

It is hard enough to find engaging content for a presentation. Even harder to get people to actively listen!

A few nice, friendly illustrations can help an organisation stand out from the competition and have a more profound influence on the audience, especially in a high-pressured environment or in a tender process.

My bundles

Bespoke illustrations are a powerful tool for audience engagement and setting friendly, emotional bonds with potential customers.

1. One-off Wonder

From £50.00 per 3 icons. From £100.00 per illustration.


2. Social Media Starter Pack

6 larger illustrations and 10 smaller icons to serve your marketing needs. - £800


3. Brand Identity Suite

An extensive, fully personalised brand identity suite for your business - £1500+.

Case study: Tender Brighton Fringe Artwork 2021
Brighton Fringe Tender 2021 Branding